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GM610 Koffer GM610

Testing system for testing electrical safety in accordance with
IEC 60601 / IEC 62353 / IEC 61010 / VDE 0701-0702

MPG / MPBetreibV / BetrSichV / DGUV Vorschrift 3

  • touch screen or PC operation
  • PS2 socket for external PC keyboard or barcode scanner
  • internal memory for instructions and 200 test protocols
  • 25 A PE measure in according to IEC 60601
  • robust light metal case
  • user specific language setting

This development was sponsored by the Ministry of economics Brandenburg and the EU. eu-logo

Experience and precision are the foundations of our Safety Tester.

The International Safety Testers have the ability to do complete Tests in accordance with the IEC 60601, IEC 62353 (VDE 0751), IEC 61010, VDE 0701-0702 standard for medical electrical equipment. Furthermore other international standard e.a. the German VDE 0751 are included.

All of our appliances are based on the same modular structure. This feature ables our clients to meet their changing requirements.

The Safety Tester are ready for operation in the workshop or as a portable tester.

GM-610 e R GM-410 e R GM 300 e R

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